Why Your Virginia Home Needs Honeycomb Shades

If you want to update the window treatments in your home, look no further than honeycomb shades. In addition to being nice to look at, these unique window treatments offer many benefits.

Honeycomb Shades are Energy Efficient

The cellular shape of these shades makes them incredibly energy efficient. During the fall and winter months, each cell traps cold air before it can enter the room and keeps the warm air of your home inside, where it belongs.

In the summer, the process reverses, with the hot rays of the sun being blocked out and your air-conditioning dollars being kept in, keeping your home cool and comfortable.

For additional energy efficiency, cellular shades are available with double and even triple layers of cells on each window covering. If you prefer a more streamlined appearance along with the energy efficiency, layers of material can be added within each cell where they can’t be seen. Anywhere from one to five extra layers can be added.

Adding layers for insulation doesn’t mean you will be losing all of your natural light. Hunter Douglas offers Illumicell™, a clear material that increases the energy efficiency in your home without blocking out natural light.

Cellular Shades are Effortless

Honeycomb shades blend effortlessly with any type of décor. The new hardware and fabrics added in 2017 won the coveted Red Dot Design Award, reinforcing how they will make your home stylish as well as efficient. Because they are easily mounted inside a window frame and have a relatively slim profile, they work well layered with draperies or curtains. They are also available in a wide variety of neutral colors, allowing them to be functional without being the center of attention.

Cleaning these window fashions couldn’t be easier. Simple weekly dusting keeps them looking like new.

Perfect Window Treatments for Families with Children

Cellular shades are a great addition to any family home. For rooms where infants or toddlers nap, these shades can be made with a room darkening layer to block out the midday sun. The cells in honeycomb shades not only act as insulation against the outside elements, they also help absorb sound, reducing noise from both inside and outside of the home.

Hunter Douglas offers several child-safe operating systems for their honeycomb shades. The UltraGlide system uses a retractable cord that stays safely out of reach even when the shade is raised. LiteRise is completely cordless; shades with this system are raised and lowered by pushing or pulling on the bottom of the shade. Hunter Douglas also offers motorized honeycomb shades that can be programmed to open and close automatically at a certain time of day or at the touch of a button on a remote or mobile device for the maximum in convenience.

For cellular shades in Virginia, come visit the Unusual Designs showroom in Newport News, Virginia. We also serve the surrounding areas, including Williamsburg, Suffolk, Gloucester, Yorktown, Poquoson, and Portsmouth.