Tips for Choosing Living Room Furniture

When it comes to choosing furniture for your living room, there are many things to consider other than just style. At Unusual Designs, we want you to be happy with your furniture selection for years to come, so we recommend considering the following tips before you make any purchases.

Decide How Your Living Room Will Be Used

In some homes, living rooms are essentially extra space in the front of the house and are only used when guests arrive. In other homes, the living room is where it all happens, from watching TV to playing games with the family. How much use your living room gets should play a part in choosing furniture.

If your living room is going to be used daily by adults, kids, and pets, you should opt for furniture with stain-resistant fabric, durable foam cushions and sturdy frames. If you have your heart set on a light-colored couch or chair, consider using slipcovers that can be removed and washed. Rarely-used living rooms can be filled with furniture that is more delicate.

Consider the Size of the Room

It goes without saying that oversized furniture just doesn’t work in a very small room. But the opposite is also true – large rooms can feel cavernous if the furniture is too small or there isn’t enough of it. For smaller living rooms, loveseats can be great stand-ins for full-size couches. And for large rooms, pick bigger pieces that will fill the space or break the room up into several different areas, like one for watching TV, one for playing games, and one for reading.

Buy Furniture in the Right Order

Unless you already own a smaller piece that is serving as your inspiration for the room, pick the larger pieces of furniture first and add the remaining pieces around them. Since the large pieces are usually couches and armchairs, this will ensure you have enough space for seating before you start adding ottomans and end tables.

Don’t Forget Flat Space and Storage

Speaking of ottomans and end tables, it’s important that your living room furniture include flat surfaces for your family and your guests to put drinks, snacks, and other belongings on. Have an end table, sofa table, or coffee table within reach of each seat. An ottoman can serve many purposes in your living room – a place to put your feet up, extra seating, somewhere to set a drink or book, and even storage if the ottoman opens. Another great option for all of these tasks is using a trunk in place of a coffee table.

Look at Your Surroundings

Many homes have an open floor plan, which means you may need to consider your kitchen or dining room décor when selecting your living room furniture. Other items to keep in mind are existing wall colors, window treatments, or flooring that are not going to change.

If you are finding the thought of choosing living room furniture overwhelming, or if you’d simply like a little guidance or a second opinion, the designers at Unusual Designs showroom in Newport News, Virginia are here to help. We can also schedule an appointment to meet you at your home in Williamsburg, Suffolk, Gloucester, Yorktown, Poquoson, or Portsmouth.