The Many Benefits of Hardwood Flooring

Many trends in home décor come and go, but hardwood flooring never seems to go out of style. In addition to being stylish, here are some other benefits of hardwood flooring.

Versatility – Hardwood flooring’s ability to work well with many types of designs may be part of the reason for its timelessness. It works just as well with modern décor as it does in a traditional home. Its versatility is also increased by the different stains and widths available, as well as its ability to be laid in different patterns, such as straight, diagonal, or even a herringbone pattern.

Ease of installation – Today’s hardwood floor boards are created to fit seamlessly together, making them easy to install for a qualified installer. And, to make them even more convenient, prefinished hardwood floors can be used immediately, unlike ceramic tile, which needs time to set before being walked on.

Home value – Hardwood is a very desirable flooring choice. Not only will it increase your enjoyment of your home, but it can also increase the resale value over carpet or vinyl.

Ease of maintenance – Hardwood flooring can easily be kept clean with dry mopping or dusting. To remove smudges or footprints, mopping with warm water is all that is necessary. Even regular vacuuming doesn’t keep carpeting as clean as sweeping a hardwood floor with a broom.

Allergy reduction – Carpeting can be warm and soft on your feet, but all of that softness also traps in unwanted allergens like pet dander, dust and pollen. With hardwood floors, allergens have nowhere to hide, making them perfect for allergy sufferers.

Stain resistance – Have you ever spilled wine, grape juice or cola on your carpet? It is very difficult, if not impossible to remove the stain. In fact, most people end up covering up the spot with a rug or piece of furniture. Hardwood flooring is stain-resistant and can easily be restored to its original look after a spill.

Joint protection – Even though they are a hard surface, hardwood floors still have more give than a tile or concrete floor, which makes them easier to stand on for extended periods of time. For those who spend a lot of time cooking in the kitchen, standing in front of a painter’s easel, or chasing after a toddler, this is an important benefit.

Cost-effectiveness – Hardwood may be more of an investment than carpet initially, but because it is so durable and can be refinished, it won’t need to be replaced as soon as carpeting, which wears out, especially in high-traffic areas like kitchens, family rooms and entryways.

Natural patterns – Plain carpeting can be boring, and patterned carpeting can become busy, especially once furniture and accessories are added to a room. Hardwood flooring offers a subtle natural pattern to a room without being overpowering.

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