Matching Furniture to Your Decor

You have the perfect flooring, wall color and window treatments, now it’s time to add the furniture. The interior designers at Unusual Designs in Newport News, Virginia offer the following tips to ensure your furniture will match the décor of your room.

When It Comes to Furniture, Size Matters

Having the right size of furniture in a room is important for a few reasons. Pieces that are too large or too small can make a space feel crowded or cavernous. Oversized furniture can also make it difficult to move throughout the room. Another time size matters is when you are mixing different styles of furniture. For example, a modern end table and traditional end table can be effectively combined in the same room if they are the same size, even if their designs are radically different.

Adding Prints and Patterns

Different prints, patterns and textures can be used in one room if done properly. When adding furniture, take into account the other patterns that are already part of the décor. If you have curtains in a bold print, opt for furniture that is either neutral or has a smaller, more subtle pattern. Speaking of neutral, if you enjoy changing a room’s décor frequently, consider buying larger pieces of furniture, like sofas or loveseats, in a solid neutral and adding color to it with decorative pillows or throws. Keeping all of your décor, including your furniture, within a defined color palette will help maintain the cohesiveness of your room.

Steer Clear of Too Much Matching

Years ago, furniture was bought in sets and everything in the room was the same color, style and material. Today’s decorators know that a room’s décor is enhanced by combining different elements. One of the easiest ways to achieve this is by purchasing furniture for a room over time instead of all at once. Select a couple necessary pieces, then wait on more decorative pieces such as end tables or extra chairs. That way you won’t be tempted to buy a set and end up with a matching cookie-cutter-style room.

You can also add contrasting materials to your décor with furniture. If your room has hardwood floors, opt for a different material for your end tables, like metal or glass. Bypass the wood coffee table for a leather or fabric covered ottoman that can serve multiple purposes.

Purchase Furniture That Functions

If your décor has a similar feel throughout the home, select furniture that can be used in different rooms, giving you the flexibility to change the look of your home without buying new pieces. Furniture can also add to the feel of a room by concealing unsightly features. If you want to have a TV in a more formal room, use a cabinet with doors to conceal your technology and maintain the room’s ambience. Or if the only place to house your home office is in the corner of your dining room, use a work station that closes up completely and looks like an armoire when your workday is over.

Furniture can be a big investment and plays a major role in a room’s décor. For help in finding the perfect pieces for your home, visit Unusual Designs’ showroom in Newport News, Virginia. We proudly serve Williamsburg, Suffolk, Gloucester, Yorktown, Poquoson and Portsmouth.