How to Style with Area Rugs

Hardwood and ceramic tile are both very popular choices for flooring because of their beauty and functionality. But it’s always nice to have some softness to walk on too, and area rugs are the perfect way to break up the expanse of hard surface flooring in your home.

Choosing the Perfect Area Rug

If you’re redecorating an entire room, you may want to choose your area rug first, then select your wall color and window treatments. If you paint your walls first, it may be very difficult to find a rug you like that matches. If you find a rug that you love so much you couldn’t possibly walk on it, consider hanging it on the wall instead of using it on the floor.

When purchasing an area rug, be sure to keep in mind where it will be located in your house. If it will be in a high-traffic area, be sure to buy one that is durable enough to withstand everyday use. If pets or kids will be around it, a rug with a pattern is better than a solid one at hiding both pet hair and stains.

Area Rug Placement

Most homeowners place area rugs in the center of the room or center them between a few pieces of furniture. To make the rug more of a focal point in the room, set it off-center or at an angle instead.

While there are conflicting opinions on whether two legs, four legs, or no legs of the furniture should sit on an area rug, designers agree the area rug should be small enough to leave some of the flooring visible around its perimeter. Otherwise, you may as well just install wall-to-wall carpeting. If a rug has one large image or pattern on it, it is best to have it entirely visible rather than cutting off part of it by placing furniture on it.

If a room is large enough, you can use more than one rug to create separate spaces such as an eating or sitting area or reading corner. Multiple rugs used in the same room don’t need to match exactly, but should coordinate. Don’t place the same size rugs parallel to each other in a room because it will divide your room in half.

Determining the Proper Size of Rug

When an area rug is to be placed in front of a door, it should match the width of the door or be a couple inches shorter. Rugs in hallways should be long enough to cover the major of the space without requiring two separate rugs.

Rugs placed in a bedroom should either be large enough to allow at least 18 inches of rug showing on either side of the bed or be small enough to place at the end of the bed. If a rug is being used under a dining table, make sure it is large enough to allow the chairs to be pulled out without falling off the edge of the rug. Choosing a rug that is too small will make your entire room feel small.

Area rugs are a great way to add a splash of color to your décor without painting walls or investing in new furniture. To find the perfect area rug for your home, visit the Unusual Designs showroom in Newport News, Virginia or call us to make an appointment with one of our interior designers. We proudly serve Williamsburg, Suffolk, Gloucester, Yorktown, Poquoson, and Portsmouth.