"The Next Generation of Paint"

Farmhouse Paint Furniture Coatings is a very unique boutique furniture paint. It’s truly the first original “Single Step” furniture paint. It differs from other “chalk” style paints. NO PREP…NO WAX…NO TOPCOAT needed. It’s an extremely durable Acrylic Resin Paint not needing a wax or sealer top coat added. Farmhouse Paint is self-priming and offers ultimate adhesion with superior durability with smooth results.For any homeowners with the Do It Yourself spirit, this is the perfect paint. If you don’t want to have to hire a professional to paint your furniture for you, there is now no need to feel as if you are compromising. With Farmhouse Paint Furniture Coatings, you can be sure that your furniture will look professionally painted, whether a professional painted it or not.

It is the easiest and most durable furniture paint on the market. You can use it on almost any surface: wood (painted or raw), plastic, metal, glass, laminate, linoleum, ceramic, concrete and more.Because of this, no piece of furniture is going to be outside of the range of being painted. Rather than getting rid of a beloved piece of furniture just because it no longer matches your décor, with Farmhouse Paint Furniture Coatings, you can now update the pieces you love with colors you’ll adore.

It’s great on: cabinets, furniture, light fixtures, hardware, you name it. No matter what your needs, Farmhouse Paint Furniture Coatings have you covered so that your home can look exactly the way you’ve always dreamed it would.

Being water based makes clean-up easier. Farmhouse Paint Furniture Coatings are low odor and eco-friendly, and they flow on easily and as well as being user friendly. This is the perfect paint for anyone who thought that they didn’t have the skill to paint their own home. If this has got you inspired, pick up Farmhouse Paints today from Unusual Designs in Newport News.

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